Using .sbsar files #

A substance archive (.sbsar) is an exported graph from Substance Designer.

This means that it contains a material that can be adjusted using predefined sliders that have been set by it’s author. You can use it to create your own variations of a material found on ambientCG.

Using substance archives (sbsar files) in different tools #

3DS Max, Maya, Modo, Houdini, Unity, Unreal Engine #

Plugins for 3DS Max, Maya, Modo, Houdini, Unity, Unreal Engine and many other tools can be found on the Substance website.

Ecosystem & Plug-ins

Blender and other tools without native sbsar-support #

If you are working with a program that has no built-in (or plugin-based) substance support (Blender has neither), you can use the free Substance Player software from the Substance website.

Substance Player

How to use the Substance Player #

Once you have downloaded the Substance Player you can install it like any other program. Run it and open the .sbsar file. You will then find a number of sliders to your right hand side. To your left you will see a 2D and 3D Preview. Adjust your settings until the material appeals to your needs. Then click on “Export as Bitmaps” in the top left corner.