Creation methods #

The assets on ambientCG were created using a number of different methods.



The material has been approximated from just a color map.

Height Field Photogrammetry

The material’s displacement map was created using photogrammetry.

Substance Designer (Procedural)

The material was created fully procedurally in Substance Designer.

Substance Designer (Photo based)

The material was created using Substance Designer and premade assets (such as photoscanned elements). This usually results in a bigger file size for the SBSAR file.

Multi Angle Approximation

The material was created using multi-angle approximation. By shining light on a surface from different angles it is possible to create a height profile. This is usually done for leaves.

Plain Photo

The material is just a plain photo, no further material processing was done.

3D Photogrammetry

This asset is a 3D model that was created using photogrammetry.


Materials that were created using the software Jsplacement.


Assets that were created using the software Gaea.